Why you need to invest in these striking Prestashop Shipping addons?

Do you want to know about the striking Prestashop shipping addons that Knowband features? Are your shipping and delivery methods optimized? If you are still reading the blog, you are in on knowing more about the striking Prestashop Shipping addons.

Further, the striking Prestashop Shipping addons by Knowband help you elevate the quality of your website. In addition, the striking Prestashop Shipping addons also help optimize your shipping and delivery methods. Further, the customers feel happy and are satisfied.

This blog talks about the striking Prestashop Shipping addons that Knowband provides. In addition, we will take a look at the reasons why you should invest in them.

The striking Prestashop Shipping Addons

Prestashop Shipping Cost by Zipcode addon

With the help of the Prestashop Shipping Cost by Zipcode addon, you can easily add different shipping costs. Further, for different zip codes. The administrator has the ability to create new zones at any time. A list of nations is available in the admin panel. In fact, he can choose the location that needs to be there in that zone. Further, he can easily do that from the drop-down menu. The zipcodes for that region can be added by the shop owner. Further, multiple zip codes can exist in the same zone.

Prestashop Product Availability Check by Zipcode Addon

Shoppers may confirm the accessibility of items in any location by manually entering the zip code in the Prestashop Product Availability Check by Zipcode plugin. Additionally, the user may confirm the availability by providing their zip code on the website or on the product page popup. In reality, the admin may physically map areas using zip codes for goods. Moreover, he can do it by inputting a CSV file. Furthermore, if the store administrator does not want this Availability Check by Zipcode capability to appear on particular items, he may include these goods in the module’s Disable products list in the back office.

Prestashop Shipping Timer

The Prestashop Shipping module by Knowband lets customers avail themselves of faster shipping. How? By shopping the products in a specific time bracket. Further, with the Prestashop countdown timer, he can display a timer on the product pages. Therefore, when the customer chooses to shop between that time, the admin provides one-day delivery or same-day shipping.

Prestashop Free Shipping Addon

Free shipping is loved by all. Thus, with the help of the Prestashop Free Shipping by Zone Addon, the admin can provide that. Further, he can set down all the rules for customers to avail free shipping. For instance, the cart value, the weight of the products, and more. Hence, the Prestashop Free Shipping Manager is a useful plugin.

Prestashop Store Locator Module

The Prestashop Google Maps Store Locator plugin enables the customers to manually pick up their orders. Further, the shoppers can choose the store from the options available. In addition, pick up the products on the designated date. In fact, the Prestashop store pick up plugin displays the store’s information. For instance, the name, address, location, contact information, and more.

Prestashop prefer delivery date and time Module

The Prestashop preferred delivery time module is a functional option for your eCommerce business. Further, the Prestashop prefer delivery time plugin allows shoppers to add a preferred date and time for the delivery of their products. In fact, the admin can customize the settings for delivering the products on the respective dates.

Now, let us take a look at the reasons to invest in these striking Prestashop shipping addons.

Setup and customization are simple

These striking Prestashop shipping addons for your business are really simple to set up and use. In fact, each plugin by Knowband comes with a user manual. Furthermore, as described in the handbook, this allows the administrator to install and configure them step by step. As a result, it makes everyone’s job easier.

The ability to perform efficiently

These striking Prestashop shipping addons are incredibly advantageous for your business. Why? Because of their unique features. They are, in reality, quick and easy to deal with. Furthermore, the administrator has the option of configuring and tweaking them to suit their needs. As a result, they are quite effective.

The flexibility with which they can be handled

Every Prestashop shipping plugin in the Knowband list, helps the administrator to relax a little. Furthermore, the administrator has complete control over the backend of these modules.

The advantages that Knowband provides

Knowband offers three months of free customer support when you purchase these striking Prestashop shipping addons. As a result, you’re free to make errors and get stranded wherever. Furthermore, the support team will manage and present you with the best possible solutions.


The only reason to invest in plugins is to increase revenue and profit

The final stance is that these modules might assist your eCommerce business creates more sales and money. In reality, the consumer base expands, resulting in increased sales and income.


Thus, these striking Prestashop Shipping addons by Knowband are a must. Do let us know your thoughts on the same at support@knowband.com.

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