Why does your OpenCart store require a featured mobile app?

There are numerous growth platforms in the eCommerce industry that provided the best website services. The OpenCart mobile app can provide all of the necessary features for small budding businesses. That is why mobile apps should be created. Having an eCommerce website alone has never been sufficient. The shopping app can help you grow your business. The OpenCart mobile app builder can give you benefit in terms of attracting users in a more personalized manner. The OpenCart mobile app creator by Knowband allows you to create a fully functional and adaptable application.

Advanatages of mobile app for OpenCart

Configurable Home Screen –

The OpenCart android app builder consists of a simple backend that allows the store admin to handle the app interface with ease. The store merchant can perform several changes such as adding, creating and editing the layout, banner, image, splash screen, intuitive color, fonts, and so on.

No Need for Coding –

The store owner does not need to perform any sort of coding activities to perform changes in the mobile app backend. The OpenCart ios app maker is user-friendly so all the changes can be performed with the help of the drag and drop option.

Compatibility with Smartphones and Tablets –

The OpenCart mobile app can run flawlessly on smartphones and tablets while remaining reasonably priced. It can also get easily launched into a third-party store such as Google Play and the Apple App Store. It is also a great tool to attract a broad range of customers.

Push Notifications –

The store owner can send an unlimited number of push notifications to send to app users even when they are not using the shopping app. The OpenCart mobile app builder is a great way to increase sales and conversion rates by informing users about current offers, sales, promotions, and new launches.

Multiple Languages and Payment Support Options –

The OpenCart mobile app maker provides a more customized experience for all customers. It supports all the website languages, payment, and shipping options so that the users don’t have to compromise with any of the aspects. The RTL format such as Arabic, Persian, and similar languages follow the right to left approach.

Real-Time Synchronization –

All the website data and the inventory get constantly synchronized with the OpenCart eCommerce mobile app. So whenever the store admin is going to perform any sort of change in the eCommerce website. It automatically gets performed to the mobile app.

Easy Login to Social Media –

The OpenCart mobile app creator consists of quick logins/signups via Facebook, Google, and other social media platforms. This enables a hassle-free login while maintaining a consistent user experience. It also provides user authentication options such as Fingerprint and OTP (Phone Number login).

Customer support –

The OpenCart Mobile App allows the customer to easily communicate with the store administrator via WhatsApp/Zopim. It helps the customers to get answers to any questions about the store or its products.

Single Page Checkout –

If we compare the single-page checkout option with the multi-page checkout. We found that most of the customers leave their shopping cart because of hassle in checkout. The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App consists of a one-page checkout option which results in a lower bounce rate or cart abandonment rate.

Conclusion –

These are just a few incredible features of OpenCart Mobile App Builder. The some-more amazing features are white-label apps, offline mode, filter and sort option, and so on. So why do you want to just go for a simple website? Switch to your mobile app right away and give the most flawless browsing experience to the users.

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