What makes the Prestashop Gift Card Module a must-have?

Knowband highlights a Prestashop gift card module that empowers you to integrate a gift card section into your site. Further, permit your clients to buy and send exquisite gift vouchers to their friends and family. Gift cards for various extraordinary occasions, like Christmas, Halloween, and others are accessible using the Prestashop gift card manager.

This blog discusses the Prestashop send gift card addon by Knowband. Additionally, it sets out the critical highlights and advantages of the plugin. Want to know about the Prestashop addon by Knowband? Let us go forth and check them out.

Benefits of the Prestashop gift module by Knowband

Brand exposure

By giving gift vouchers, the Prestashop gift voucher module permits e-vendors to further develop brand exposure. Besides, arrive at a large number of purchasers.

Draw in new clients

The Prestashop gift card module from Knowband helps the storekeeper in drawing in new clients. Further, while keeping up with existing ones.

The improved client shopping experience

The Prestashop gift card Addon improves shoppers’ purchasing encounters. How? By giving an assortment of engaging occasion-themed gift cards. The Prestashop gift card module is enormously valuable to a web business’ client degree of consistency.

Further developed incomes

The merchant may work on the income of the web-based organization with the Knowband’s Prestashop gift card manager, particularly during the Christmas season.

Boss elements of the Prestashop send gift card addon

  • On your eCommerce site, the Prestashop gift module incorporates a gift card region. Moreover, that is open by tapping the gift card button. Truth be told, this button can show in the header, footer, or left half of the site pages by the overseer. In the item portfolio region, he may likewise incorporate a gift card choice.
  • Clients might compose an individual directive for the beneficiary of the gift card utilizing the Knowband’s Prestashop gift voucher module while requesting the gift card.
  • Each buy is followed by gift cards that might be checked and seen by the e-dealer. He might see these buys in the Prestashop gift card module’s administrator interface.
  • The Prestashop addon from Knowband is easy to introduce and use, with an easy-to-understand plan. It makes it simple for clients to purchase gift cards and for executives to monitor the designs in general and exchanges.
  • The Prestashop plugin accompanies an adaptable notice email that is transformable from the administrator interface. This email is shipped off to both the buyer and the beneficiary, cautioning them of the gift cards they have purchased.
  • The entrepreneur can indicate a base hole of a couple of days. Further, between the request and the shipment of gift cards to buyers utilizing the Prestashop gift card Addon.
  • The administrator can permit the clients to add customized pictures to the gift cards that they need to purchase.
  • The actual gift card, as well as the virtual gift card, can be followed through on the client’s favored date. The shop owner can run the Cron straightforwardly.

In the End

The module by Knowband is a must-have for eCommerce marketers who look forward to bringing new customers online. Further, with the plugin, you can increase your sales and revenues as well. In case you look forward to investing in the plugin, let us know at support@knowband.com.

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