What is the Prestashop Private Shop Addon all about?

So, here we are talking about the Prestashop Private Shop Addon. Do you know what is the Private shop module by Knowband? Well, Knowband provides a module – Restrict categories and products that enable marketers to keep their eCommerce store private. Moreover, you can easily limit goods sales to a select group of clients using the Private Shop Prestashop module.

What does the Prestashop Private shop addon do?

The Prestashop Private shop plugin by Knowband enables the store admin to make their entire shop, or part of it private. Further, only when a visitor converts and registers on the site will they be able to see the items. Additionally, explore the site when the shop is private.

The Restrict categories and commodities module offers a lot of flexibility. The store admin can personalize the look and feel of the website. In fact, the admin can also display an enhanced login/signup page. Moreover, adjust the login/signup page’s headline text. Additionally, all restrictions will be removed after the consumer logs in or registers on the website. Hence, the owner can convince shop visitors to log in or create an account in order to browse the store’s items.

This blog talks about the aspects that you should know about the Private Shop Prestashop module. Let us go forth and check it below.

Know these about the Prestashop Private Shop Addon by Knowband


Admin has total control over their Prestashop Private Shop

The admin can easily and effortlessly put down the rules of the Restrict categories and products addon. In fact, he can simply choose to privatize the entire website or choose some of the parts of it. For instance, for any website that is totally for clients above 18 years, the admin can make the entire website private. However, if there’s only a category or two that is for adult clients, he can make them private specifically. Once the clients specify the fact that they are eligible, they can access the store and the content.


Clients get a better experience at the store

One of the most notable characteristics of the Private Shop Prestashop module is that it gives customers an appealing front-end experience. In fact, it totally depends on the admin how he wants to design the page. Further, there’s a lot that he can easily customize. For instance:

  • The admin has the freedom to place the login/signup form anywhere on the page. For instance, he has a choice to place it on the left, right, or center.
  • In fact, the plugin offers both a default and a contemporary login/signup form, depending on your needs.
  • The headline text for the login/signup page may be customized in several languages by the shop owner.
  • The logo can be shown or hidden in the login or signup form by the administrator.
  • The eCommerce business owner may use the plugin to change the backdrop of the login/signup form to an image, color, or video.

Prestashop Private shop addon offers a Mobile-friendly and responsive interface

One of the most amazing benefits of Knowband’s Private shop module is its mobile responsiveness and compatibility. In addition, this Prestashop Private shop addon supports several languages. Moreover, has a mobile-friendly design. The module’s mobile-friendly style makes it straightforward to observe the capabilities on mobile devices as well. The multilingual adaptability of Prestashop Private Shop makes the login/signup procedure for customers quicker and more convenient. Furthermore, this Prestashop makes customer log in/sign-up simple and painless. The Restrict categories and goods module work with multiple stores and even SSL.


Customization is possible with Private Shop Prestashop module

The Prestashop Private Shop plugin allows an eCommerce business owner to customize the module. For instance, utilize a picture, hue, or video as the login/signup form’s backdrop. Further, skilled users can also specify custom CSS and JS code for even greater customization. Using the Restrict categories and items module, the eCommerce shop admin may choose which IP addresses he wishes to enable access to the front end.


Thus, this is what you should know about the Prestashop Private Shop Addon by Knowband. What do you think of the module? Do let us know your thoughts at support@knowband.com.

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