What are the benefits of the top 3 Opencart Modules by Knowband?

The first question – which top 3 Opencart modules will we be talking about? Hence, the top 3 Opencart modules are:

  • OpenCart Google Shopping Integrator Extension
  • OpenCart eBay Integration Module
  • Finally, OpenCart One Page Checkout

Further, these 3 top OpenCart modules have been some of the most functional options for the eCommerce store merchants. While the first two are the ones that allow you to take your products to a bigger platform. Further, the third OpenCart module is what allows the admin to optimize the checkout page for better results.

This blog talks about the benefits of having these top 3 OpenCart modules in your eCommerce store.

OpenCart Google Shopping Integrator Extension

The OpenCart Google Shopping Integrator Extension allows the admin to map the products on Google Shopping. Thus, when a customer searches for something, your product will be displayed in the list. For instance, a customer types in the search box – men’s boxers. If you have listed men’s boxers on Google Shopping, it will be displayed right there.

Benefits of using the OpenCart Google Shopping Integration module

  • Mapping of the entire category on Google Shopping
  • Multi-shop viable.
  • In view of specific conditions like products under a specific cost, such products can be rejected by the store admin.
  • Multiple property groups for Color, Size, Gender, Pattern, and a lot more can be handily managed with the assistance of the extension.

OpenCart eBay Integration Module

The eBay Integration module for OpenCart by Knowband integrates your eCommerce store with eBay. In fact, it allows the admin to manage, handle and configure everything from the store itself. Thus, there’s no need to go to the marketplace.

Benefits of the OpenCart eBay API integration module

  • OpenCart eBay API integrator saves the store admin times as the installation and configuration measure is smooth and quick.
  • The store proprietors can without much of a stretch screen and manage the stock with the assistance of these profiles made in the backend of OpenCart eBay API Integration.
  • Using the eBay Connector, the store proprietors can without much of a stretch guide the product property and classes with the characteristics and classifications of eBay Marketplace.
  • The OpenCart eBay Connector offers simple order management.
  • Orders got at the eBay store can be effectively synchronized from eBay shop with their OpenCart store
  • Store proprietors can undoubtedly measure the adjusted eBay orders from the backend of the OpenCart shop.
  • The mistake that happened while listing the products can be followed from the back-end of the eBay Connector module.

OpenCart One Page Checkout

We have already discussed the OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro in the introduction. However, the OpenCart module is a lot more than that. Further, the admin can smoothen the checkout process by customizing the fields. Moreover, he can even prioritize the custom fields as well.

Benefits of the OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro

  • OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension incorporates an ideal way to climb conversion levels and lower down cart abandonment at your store.
  • Increase customer standards for dependability on the store by showing an optimized checkout page to your possible visitors of the store.
  • The Mailchimp integrator’s usefulness of OpenCart Single Page checkout further develops the supporter rate of the store.
  • OpenCart One Page Supercheckout improves the general shopping experience of the customers.
  • OpenCart One Page Checkout is responsive on mobile and tablet gadgets.


Hence, here we are! Which of these top 3 OpenCart modules would you like to know about? Do let us know at support@knowband.com.

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