What are Step up and Step down Transformer?

A transformer is a tool used in the transmission of electrical energy. It transmits using AC current. The supply voltage between circuits can commonly be changed without changing the AC frequency. The basic principles of electromagnetic and mutual induction control how the transformer works.

The number of turns in the main and secondary windings as well as the induced emf are used to categories these kind of transformer.

A step-up transformer converts an AC system with low voltage and high current into one with high voltage and low current. In this particular sort of transformer, there are more turns in the secondary winding than in the main winding. Step-up transformers increase the voltage on the output side if (V2 > V1).

Using a step down transformer, a high primary voltage and low current are transformed into a low primary voltage and high current. The number of turns in the primary winding is higher than the number of turns in the secondary winding for this kind of transformer. Step down transformers lower the voltage level on the output side if (V2 V1), as the name implies.

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