Ways you can ace these Magento 2 Modules by Knowband

The Magento 2 modules by Knowband are absolutely stunning options to take your eCommerce store to the next level. In fact, first off, you should know which Magento 2 modules are we going to talk about. Further, we will discuss how can you tweak them to get the best results. Thus, why don’t we go ahead and check out the Magento 2 modules by Knowband?

Magento 2 Store Locator Module

Given the benefits listed above, the Magento 2 shop locator and pickup extension is a must-have module. Rather than paying shipping fees for product delivery, many consumers choose to pick up their orders at retail locations. So, what’s holding you back from implementing the Magento 2 Google Maps Store Locator plugin in your online store? With the Magento 2 store pickup module, you can transform physical stores into a valuable resource for your online business. Magento 2 Store Locator and Pickup addon by Knowband Rather than delivering the goods to the customer’s home, designate certain pickup locations for them.

How to ace this module?

  1. Display several store location options for the customers to choose from. In fact, this way the customers will have different options to choose from.
  2. Make sure to display all the key details of the stores that the customers choose. Further, it will help the customers pick up their goods with ease.
  3. Showcase relevant store options to the customers.

Magento 2 Spin and Win Module

The Magento 2 Spin and Win extension allow an eCommerce store administrator to include a roulette-style spin wheel in the website’s front end. With the assistance of this plugin, the admin may display the Magento 2 Interactive Popup upon the client’s entry or leave. The Magento 2 Spin and Win Extension enables store owners to place the popup anywhere on their website. The Magento 2 Exit-Intent popup extension’s functionality is quite straightforward. When the consumer enters his or her email address in the pop-up and clicks the “Try your luck” button, the fun begins. When the customer spins the wheel, the offer is connected to the discount code, and its validity appears.

How to ace the module?

  • Offer attractive gifts and discounts to your customers to acquire their email ids.
  • Make sure to offer a couple of trials for spinning the wheel by a single individual.
  • Make the spin wheel attractive.

Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Extension

Knowband’s Magento 2 Abandoned Cart module helps you recover lost sales due to cart abandonment by delivering basic follow-up emails to your consumers. The plugin automatically detects and monitors all cart abandonment on your site, and sends follow-up emails without any manual intervention. By giving a discount on the reminder on the left goods, you can certainly persuade your consumers to complete their incomplete orders. Knowband’s Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Plugin promotes you to increase your overall sales by retrieving abandoned carts, making it a must-have extension for every eCommerce website.

How to ace the module?

  1. Send discounted emails to the customers for positive reinforcement.
  2. Schedule the mails in a way that they don’t bother the customers.


Finally, these are the Magento 2 modules by Knowband you should know about. In addition, you can ace them by following the steps mentioned below them. In fact, you can see what more can you change for better results. Thus, these are the best ways to handle the Magento 2 modules.

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