Top Five Trends In PrestaShop Mobile App To Watch

You must be amazed at why your eCommerce business requires a PrestaShop mobile app builder and how it can be useful for your business growth. The reason is that, by the end of 2022, more than 50% of the population will do all their shopping on their smartphones. So, there is an opportunity for you to get the most out of it. Moreover, mobile applications have become the new normal in this world. So, at this moment, investing in a feature-rich mobile application is the opportunity for your eCommerce business. The PrestaShop mobile app Maker by Knowband not only makes it easier to get connected with the customers but also provides a unique user experience. It can be beneficial to keep them more engaged. 

To create a responsive PrestaShop mobile app.

You will have only a few seconds to get the visitor’s attention. That means you can’t take any chances to turn them around.  Also, there are more chances that customers will leave your shopping app when they face multiple issues. Slow loading times, broken product links, and inadequately sized photos all have the potential to kill conversions. So, it is crucial for you to invest in responsive design immediately. If your PrestaShop eCommerce mobile app is responsive, then it is very difficult to turn customers down. 

Push Notifications 

Push notifications are the messages that the shopping app sends to the customer to inform them of something. They are extremely beneficial, especially to the store admin. So, every app now uses push notifications as a quick way to notify its users. The PrestaShop mobile app will inform customers about an ongoing sale, a new product launch, or order status updates. 

Offline mode-

Many people have an internet connection available, but there can always be internet fluctuations. Additionally, it can push customers away from the app because of its inefficiency. This is one of the trends that is currently becoming very popular, and you should consider it for your mobile application. PrestaShop eCommerce mobile app consists of this offline mode feature that you can integrate into your app. Offline mode in mobile apps is good for customers because of its convenience.  

Real-Time Synchronization 

In this era of modern technology, the real-time synchronization feature is a blessing. Because it gives ease to the store admin to manage multiple platforms with a single mobile app backend. The Prestashop Android app builder makes it easier for the store merchant to work by using the real-time synchronization feature. If an eCommerce merchant uploads anything to the eCommerce store, then it will automatically update your app.  The Prestashop iOS app maker helps the store admin display up-to-date data. Real-time synchronization ensures that customers see the same product information, features, and other information on both the website and the mobile app. 

Make payment options that are both convenient and secure.

All of your optimization efforts will be wasted unless you provide a more seamless, secure payment option for your customers. Most of the users are concerned about their payment security. They are fearful that their financial information will be exposed to hackers and that they will misuse it. If you want to get the most out of the mobile opportunity, figure out which payment methods your customers prefer. The PrestaShop mobile app Maker will help you with the same.


By implementing these changes now, the PrestaShop mobile app builder can increase your ability to attract and retain eCommerce customers. More importantly, the PrestaShop mobile app maker can position you for continued success. Because people have become more used to shopping via mobile devices. By putting the PrestaShop mobile app on your eCommerce site, you’ll be better able to meet your customers’ future mobile needs.

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