Top 4 insightful observations about the Prestashop Marketplace

The Prestashop Marketplace is the next benchmark for eCommerce marketers wanting to extend their business. Furthermore, marketers that already have invested in the plugin have had nothing but positive things to say about it. Do you not believe me? Check out Knowband to see what people are saying about it. Knowband’s Prestashop Marketplace Addon allows you to do much more than merely transform your store into a marketplace.

This article will discuss the indisputable proof that you will develop a relationship with Knowband’s Prestashop Marketplace Plugin.

The simplicity with which the Prestashop Multi vendor Marketplace module may be installed and configured

The first thing that marketers like about the Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin is how simple it is to install. Furthermore, setting the module is not difficult. Though the procedure might be time-consuming, the ultimate product is what is important. As a result, this is only the beginning of the benefits of using the Prestashop Marketplace module.

As the administrator, you have complete authority over everything.

The admin develops the platform using the Prestashop marketplace module. Moreover, establishes all platform regulations. Furthermore, approves/disapproves vendors for selling on the platform. That is not the case! Furthermore, the admin seizes control of everything else. As an example:

What products are available on the platform?

Who is still selling and who is no longer selling?

What categories are the items mentioned in?

Which delivery methods are available to customers?; and many more.

As a result, the admin has complete control over everything that happens on the platform thanks to the Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module.

Earnings are ongoing

As the administrator, you may choose whether to have 10 vendors, 50 sellers, or 100 sellers on the site. They will also be the ones selling on your platform through the Knowband Marketplace. You may either continue selling your items or simply manage/manage the Prestashop marketplace’s operations. The best thing is that you may continue earning and creating income for your eCommerce business in either case. Earnings continue to grow as a result of the Prestashop marketplace module’s revenue models. You may also earn money through product listing fees, subscription programs, and order commissions.

The communication is clear and unobtrusive

When we’re talking about three distinct parties – admin, seller, and consumer – it’s critical to maintain the lines of communication open. As a result, the built-in email templates are useful for all types of communication on the platform. There’s an email for everything, whether it’s alerting the client on the order status change or informing admin about any new vendor registrations.


Marketers all over the world appreciate the Prestashop Marketplace Module from Knowband. Finally, it is the most effective approach to alter your shop and handle everything smoothly. For further information about the module, contact

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