The value of eCommerce shops with Multivendor Marketplace

According to the reports, the total eCommerce sales have crossed $4 Trillion in the economic year 2021. Is not the numbers sound astonishing!! Yes, the modern market is being ruled by the eCommerce industry for the last few years and it can be seen that in the upcoming year the number of online retailers will increase sure. The main reason behind the success of eCommerce is that the customers can get their desired orders right from their comfort zone and not requires old tedious ways to complete the shopping.

Because of the rapid success of eCommerce, the number of online retailers is also increasing day by day. The same is converting eCommerce into a tuff market for newcomers and eCommerce merchants. In a real-life scenario, if you are planning to set up an eCommerce shop, you will easily find 100 more eCommerce Merchants that might be dealing in the same products as you are planning to launch. So, the question is, how to go ahead of this competition and get your business to different heights.

The modern solution for these competitions is Multi-vendor eCommerce shops. The multivendor eCommerce shops are online eCommerce shops that offer the third-party seller to list their products on the shop and in exchange the shop admins charges commissions from the sellers.

How effective can the multi-vendor Marketplace module be?

To understand the multi-vendor concept’s effectiveness, let’s start with a real-life example. Suppose a customer wants to purchase a variety of products that are different from one another. The customer will prefer a single place where he can get all the desired products rather than hover in multiple shops. That’s the importance of Multi-vendor Marketplaces.
The other most reasonable examples of multi-vendor Marketplaces are eBay and Etsy which do not require introductions.

How to turn your eCommerce Shop into a Multi-vendor Marketplace?

If you are an eCommerce merchant and want to turn your eCommerce shop into a multi-vendor Marketplace, you can get various benefits from the same. Not only your customers can buy your products but also, they will be able to purchase the products registered by third-party sellers on your web store. The merchants have their shops based on PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento 2 platforms and can also turn their eCommerce stores into multi-vendor Marketplace with Knowband Marketplace modules. All the Merchants require to keep their eCommerce shop unique from other merchants is a multi-vendor marketplace module.

What are we offering?

Knowband multi-vendor Marketplace plugins offer the PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento 2 admins to make their eCommerce shop available for third-party sellers. In exchange, the store admins can enjoy commissions on every product the third-party sellers sell. The Multi-vendor Marketplace plugin offers transparency between the store admins and the sellers.

Furthermore, the eCommerce store admins have the proper control over the third-party sellers’ profiles and can easily manage various controls like approve/disapprove, increase/decrease commission, and update ratings of the third-party sellers. The eCommerce Merchants can also apply the monthly subscription scheme for the third-party sellers and provide different options like Gold membership, Platinum membership, and Premium membership to the third-party sellers. Our multi-vendor Marketplace plugin does not require any coding/technical knowledge to manage and comes with amazing pre-loaded feature supports. For More information about Knowband Multi-vendor Marketplace plugins.

In the end:

We offer multi-vendor Marketplace plugins for the OpenCart, PrestaShop, and Magento 2 platforms with a 3-month free support period to make everything simple for the eCommerce Merchants. Moreover, the multi-vendor Marketplace plugins come with a one-time payment and lifetime usability.

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