The OpenCart Spin and Win Extension by Knowband provides increased Holiday Sales

OpenCart Spin and Win Extension are terrific means for eCommerce marketers. In fact, it is a perfect option to bring in an increased number of email addresses. Further, these email addresses are helpful in marketing strategies. With the commencement of the holiday season, your business can profit big time. All you have to do is install the Opencart Interactive pop-up Extension in your eCommerce store. In addition, configure it the way you want to for the best results.

In this blog, we will talk about the Opencart subscription pop up Extension by Knowband. 

Through the look and feel of the holiday season

A lot of eCommerce marketers change their website’s appearance as per the occasion. In fact, this helps the customers feel good. In addition, get the holiday spirit for shopping. With the Email Subscription pop up Extension, you can easily change the look and feel of the spin wheel. In fact, the admin can change the theme as per the occasion. For instance, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, and many others. Thus, this way the visitors will feel enticed by the Opencart Spin and Win Extension. Moreover, would want to give in their email address for spinning the wheel.

By offering amazing discounts

The whole concept of the Opencart Spin and Win pop up by Knowband is to provide a chance for your visitors to grab great discounts. In fact, with the holiday season, you can make an exemption of giving out bigger discounts with the Opencart Exit Intent Pop up. Further, when visitors grab bigger discounts, they tend to become loyal customers. In fact, they would want to keep coming back to shop more from your eCommerce store.

Give fewer ‘Better Luck Next Time’

With the feature where you can customize every single slice of the Opencart Email Subscription pop up Extension, you can offer no discount as well. However, with the holiday season up and running, you can avoid giving ‘no discounts’ to your visitors. Further, this will help motivate them to convert and make their first purchase in the store.

Now that you know how to increase your holiday sales with the Spin Wheel Extension, take a look at the key features of the module below.

Key features of the Opencart subscription pop up Extension

Capturing the email addresses in an effortless way.

The Opencart Newsletter Subscription popup Extension is a 2-in-1 module. Further, it is an entry popup and exit-intent popup.

Easy display configuration is available in Opencart Exit Pop up Extension.

Multiple email templates are available in the OpenCart Spin and Win Extension.

In the End

The OpenCart Spin and Win Extension by Knowband is a must-have during the holiday season. In fact, you can simply configure it as per your businesses’ needs. Thus, you’re good to go ahead. 

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