The OpenCart One Page Checkout Extension is a must – Know more

The need for OpenCart One Page Checkout Extension is unavoidable in today’s environment. In reality, every eCommerce site owner understands its importance. In fact, that one-page checkout is one of the few methods for lowering bounce rates. Moreover, it also reduces cart abandonment. It’s a one-stop shop for clients that need to get their business done quickly. Certain online businesses, on the other hand, advocate multi-page checkouts. They do, however, have benefits and drawbacks. So, how can the OpenCart quick checkout extension make your eCommerce site a must-have?

This blog will provide you with more knowledge on the topic of the OpenCart simplified checkout module. The OpenCart fast checkout extension comes with several sophisticated features. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Checkout as a guest using the OpenCart One Page Checkout

One of the best functionalities that makes the OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension a must-have is the Guest Checkout option. In fact, using the guest checkout features, new consumers can finish their purchases. Further, without having to register in the business. Additionally, this is a fantastic approach to supply customers with a faster way to shop. Furthermore, they don’t feel pressure to register on the website.

Use your social networking accounts to log in

Clients can easily log in or register thanks to the preceding capabilities. Shoppers can easily log in or create an account on the eCommerce store. Additionally, they must complete their purchase by acquiring the things in their shopping cart. Using One Page Checkout for OpenCart’s social login choices. For example, Google, Facebook, and others.

The OpenCart One Page Supercheckout offers a variety of payment alternatives

If your customers prefer to pay through Cash on Delivery, Bank transfer, or Free Checkout, you should be able to accommodate them. The OpenCart responsive checkout popup, in reality, allows these types of payments. As a consequence, the customer will not depart without completing the transaction.

You can notice the issues immediately away with Inline Validation

Let’s say a customer makes a mistake when filling out the information on the checkout page. The real-time feature of OpenCart Single Page checkout highlights the problem at the same moment. As a result, customers will be able to remedy it.

The parts of the checkout workflow are being optimized

The eCommerce administrator can quickly move the details of the checkout page up and down based on their priority. Furthermore, the module’s administrator can easily conduct the same task from the backend.

Completing the Google auto-address form

When a user begins entering his location information, Google Auto-address fill offers address recommendations. It collects the created qualities and displays the most important outputs. The zip code and city section are automatically produced when you pick the proposed address.

Various design ideas

Three different page layouts are available in Knowband’s Prestashop. Furthermore, the store administrator can choose the one that best suits the topic of the eCommerce firm.

MailChimp integration

OpenCart One Page Checkout extension captures client data directly into your MailChimp profile once consumers provide their details. In fact, the integration also helps in increasing the number of subscribers.


The responsive one-step checkout extension for OpenCart One Page Checkout Extension can help you increase sales. Additionally, increase conversions and customer satisfaction. You should get an OpenCart One Page Super checkout and try it out if you don’t already have one. If you have any questions concerning the extension, please contact us at

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