The OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension by Knowband

Google is a well-known search engine that has already built a name for itself in the realm of eCommerce. Additionally, it greatly increases the chances of eCommerce store development. First of all and importantly, it significantly boosts the likelihood of eCommerce store growth. To begin with, it boosts the efficiency of your eCommerce site by offering high-quality product feeds that allow you to target the right people with relevant product advertisements. Google Shopping can be used by online retailers to display item images and pricing in the top right corner of search results. In addition, two platforms, AdWords and Google Merchant Center, have a significant impact on Google Shopping.

Knowband’s OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension allows you to post goods from your store to Google Shopping. In addition, putting a marketing strategy in search results is one strategy for drawing thousands of visitors to an eCommerce website. In addition, the OpenCart Google Shopping Integration automatically syncs the store’s feed. Further, with the Google Merchant Center account. In fact, it also enables the administrator to utilize cron in the OpenCart Google Shopping Module’s backend to synchronize the commodity status back to the store’s database.

This blog talks about the various aspects that you should know about the OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension.

The following are the primary benefits of the OpenCart Google Shopping Synchronizer

Map the whole OpenCart category to Google Shopping.

Compliant with the multi-store environment.

Admin can restrict products based on specified requirements, such as things under a certain price.

Goods with no unique identifiers (EAN13/JAN or UPC).

Handle the numerous characteristic groups for Color, Size, Gender, Pattern, and others with ease.

It will save you time and effort for manual item feeding.

Features of the OpenCart Google Shopping Connector by Knowband

Administration of Profiles

There is a Profile Management tab in the Google Shopping Feed for OpenCart. Further, it allows the shop administrator to select the necessary parameters for listing the item. For instance, store class selection, currency, language, and other needed information. Furthermore, the administrator must create a feed for that specific profile.

Format for Product Description

The OpenCart Google Shopping Integration allows you to use different placeholders for item depiction. Therefore, the administrator might make their item depiction incredibly important. Further, the administrator can use placeholders. For instance, id product, product title, manufacturer name, and price.

Products to Avoid

Administrators can configure the OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Plugin’s General Settings tab. Further, to reject unavailable goods and do more. For instance, have a price that is not exactly a set price, or does not have a UPC or EAN code. Hence, if the administrator wishes to avoid certain goods, he can easily do so. How? By employing the OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension.

Tracking UTMs

The OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Module allows the shop administrator to track traffic. Further, the traffic to their OpenCart store using UTM limits.

Item Description

Every one of the goods that the administrator needs to rundown to Google Shopping from the Store can be found under the Product posting tab of the Google Shopping Connector extension. The item photo, Listing Id, Name, Profile to whom the item is planned, Listing Status, and Date Added are all visible to the administrator.

Feed Administration

This tab of the OpenCart Google Shopping Integration allows the administrator to instruct the component. Furthermore, to set up a timetable for the module to transfer things to Google without any manual intervention. In fact, administrators can configure the feed plan based on their preferences.

Product Enablement vs. Product Disabling

This component enables administrators to restrict their items from appearing on the item posting page. Further, disabled products will be removed from the platform. In fact, these disabled components can be enabled later by the administrator.

In the End

Thus, this is what the OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension by Knowband is all about. What do you think about the plugin? Let us know at

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