The key features of the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration

Various vendors from all around the world list and sell their wares on Etsy Marketplace. Further, with its large client base, Etsy Marketplace provides a significant boost to sales and business. In fact, item listing and administration on Etsy can need a significant amount of human labor and time. Managing both the Etsy shop and the internet shop separately proves difficult for an online store owner. You don’t have to be concerned if you operate an OpenCart business. Moreover, want to expand your customer base on the Etsy Marketplace. Knowband has created a fantastic framework that helps the store administrator oversee and administer both shops. Furthermore, from the OpenCart store’s backend. It is the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration.


Knowband’s OpenCart Etsy Integration integrates the Etsy shop with OpenCart through a unified platform. Store owners can integrate their OpenCart store with their Etsy shop. Further, in a few easy keystrokes using the OpenCart Etsy Integration Module.

This blog talks about the striking features of the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration by Knowband. Let us go forth and check them out.

Knowband’s OpenCart Etsy Integration Extension has the following features.

  1. The OpenCart Etsy Integration Plugin provides an easy-to-use interface for OpenCart shop administrators. The shop administrator can simply list the items using the backend panel.
  2. OpenCart Etsy Connector is a straightforward installation process.
  3. The business owner can bulk list items on the Etsy Marketplace using the Etsy OpenCart Connector.
  4. The shop owner can link the product characteristics and categories of the OpenCart store to Etsy store attributes and classifications using the OpenCart Etsy Integrator.
  5. The Etsy OpenCart Integration allows the administrator to build numerous shipping templates. Further, from the OpenCart admin panel and sync them with the Etsy Marketplace.
  6. The OpenCart Etsy API integration allows store owners to quickly track and handle orders received on Etsy.
  7. The admin can change the status of the order from the store admin panel. Moreover, use a cron job to synchronize the status with the Etsy shop.
  8. Modifications in the inventory can be quickly synced at the Etsy Marketplace using the Etsy OpenCart API integration.
  9. The OpenCart to Etsy Synchronization enables the administrator to create a store area for the Etsy Store. Further, the admin will be able to showcase items in a certain category using the store section.
  10. The OpenCart extension supports several languages.
  11. The OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration has an easy-to-use interface. In fact, it is not necessary for the shop administrator to have any technical or coding skills.
  12. The installation and configuration of the OpenCart plugin are straightforward.

In the End

Therefore, these are the stunning features of the Opencart extension. It is a helpful approach for all marketers wanting to sell on Etsy. What do you think about the Opencart Etsy marketplace integration? Let us know your thoughts at

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