The bestseller features of the OpenCart Marketplace

Do you want your OpenCart eCommerce store to be a functional online marketplace? If so, you’ve come to the correct place. As a result, the OpenCart Marketplace Module by Knowband is a fantastic way to get the desired result.

Moreover, this OpenCart Marketplace Plugin allows the shop admin to work on the breadth of their store’s inventory. A large range of items is also available to clients. The OpenCart Marketplace Extension’s five finest features will be discussed in this blog post.

Multiple functionalities are there in the OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace Module. These five characteristics make this extension a must-have in any scenario.

Bestseller features of the OpenCart Marketplace

The first feature is that it allows for easy seller registration

Multi-vendor marketplace plugin for OpenCart encourages merchants to pick products on the OpenCart Marketplace by using the OpenCart Marketplace plugin. There is also a ‘Register as Seller’ option on the OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module registration form that allows vendors to register. In addition, the client might potentially become a vendor. To approve the registrations, they go to the administrator. As a result, the admin acknowledges or denies the permission requests.

OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace module helps the admin checked and manage the sellers more efficiently and consistently

Using the OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension, the shop owner may administer as well as keep an eye on the seller accounts directly from the backend of the business itself. In addition, the admin has full access to the list of vendors and may manage it. It is true that the OpenCart Marketplace module allows shop owners to view a seller’s profile from their backend. A seller’s requests are approved or denied by the admin. Moreover, the admin can remove any current sellers. Store administration is simplified as a result of this. This is why it is essential to have the OpenCart Multi-seller Marketplace module installed on your site.

OpenCart Multi Seller Marketplace Extension emphasizes seamless transactions.

On the OpenCart Marketplace, buyers can easily find any seller and submit their requests. Moreover, the OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace Module makes sure the transactional processes are smooth.

Similarity across mobile apps

Using the OpenCart Marketplace Module’s Mobile App Builder, consumers have access to the Marketplace at their fingertips. Vendor reviews can also be seen and edited from the vendor section. For example the Mobile App’s Product Page. Vendors are able to take advantage of the positive feedback they receive from their customers. In a basic way, Marketplace Mobile App gives the consumer the option to choose from a variety of merchants’ products.

Using the OpenCart Marketplace Extension is a breeze.

Stores that offer hassle-free returns and refunds are always the ones for customers. Following on from that point, the OpenCart Marketplace Module is a very useful component. Clients don’t have to adhere to cyclical patterns, and they should be conceivable in the normal way. To make things even better, the admin may initiate the refund process from the backend.


The OpenCart Marketplace Module enables the shop administrator to handle stocks, orders, goods, and other items. Sellers can, in fact, maintain their profiles, integrate social accounts on the front end, and do other things. It all happens from the back-end of the OpenCart Multi-seller Marketplace Module. That concludes our discussion of Knowband’s OpenCart Marketplace plugin. If you have any questions concerning the module, please contact

What does Knowband offer?

Knowband believes in not just selling eCommerce modules for different platforms, it believes in building a connection with the clients. Hence, it offers free customer support for 3 months. In addition, you can even come up with customizations in the modules for your eCommerce store, and Knowband will take up the task with an extra charge and get the work done.


How does the administrator get his commission?

The commissions in the OpenCart marketplace are calculated in two methods. First, all vendors will pay a set commission and then there’s the one depending on the categories.

How does the administrator handle payout requests?

The admin may simply manage the payment settings from the admin panel with the aid of the OpenCart Marketplace Extension. Furthermore, the administrator can simply react to the payment request and alter the status from waiting for approval to authorized to rejected.

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