Prestashop Gift Card Manager by Knowband – What should you know

Knowband’s Prestashop Gift Card Manager is a popular plugin. Prestashop send gift card plugin that makes the merchants happy. Bringing in new clients and growing revenue, for example. Indeed, retailers gain greatly from the Prestashop gift module throughout the holiday shopping season.

As a result, this article is about Knowband’s Prestashop Gift Card Manager. In addition, there are certain minor nuances concerning the Prestashop module that you should be aware of. Let us now proceed to investigate them.

The Prestashop gift card Addon’s features

Activating and deactivating the module is straightforward

The initial setup allows the business owner to merely press a button to enable or disable the module’s capabilities.


The position of the gift card area

In actuality, he has three options to choose from. Furthermore, the header, footer, or left side of the web page. As a result, he is free to place it wherever he thinks it would stand out the most.

The image is now addable to the gift cards

The admin may help shoppers to add images to the gift certificates they want to buy using the Prestashop gift voucher module.

Commodities are addable to gift vouchers

Admin can add items to the gift card’s new product settings individually. There must also be a number, a fee, and a maturity date. In actuality, the administrator might decide that only a portion of the card code be used.

Choosing a shipping date

Utilizing the Knowband’s Prestashop gift card module, the admin may set the delivery date and time for the gift card. From the backend, he may check the stage of the gift card (ordered, delivered, and redeemed).

Unlimited variations on gift cards

The admin may create as many gift cards as he wants using the Prestashop Gift Card Manager. He may have 10 different types of gift cards for birthdays, five for anniversaries, and so on. In actuality, several options may be appropriate for a range of vacations. You may quickly create an occasion if a customer wants one that isn’t currently available at the shop. In addition, if appropriate, the owner can change or eliminate gift cards.

Email template in the traditional sense

The admin gets an email template for the mailing of gift cards. He also has the option of customizing the template to make whatever changes he wants.


The rues on the gift card are easily adaptable

By taking these steps, you may change the gift card’s price, validity, the number of goods. Further, that can be acquirable, and other options.

Prestashop Send Gift Module Benefits

  1. Because of the addition, gift cards with personalized images and notes can improve customers’ purchasing experiences.
  2. Merchants may use Prestashop to give gift cards and enhance holiday sales.
  3. The functionality not only helps businesses earn money but also draws new customers while keeping old ones.
  4. With the Prestashop Gift module, online businesses may rapidly expand their brand exposure to thousands of clients. Additionally, selling gift cards allows you to avoid spending extra money on promotions.
  5. The Prestashop Gift Voucher module enhances your customers’ purchasing experiences. It also encourages visitors to spend more time on your website.


Knowband’s Prestashop Gift Card Manager is a wonderful addition to your eCommerce business. In reality, it is quite advantageous to the company. If you want to add gift card capabilities to your store, please contact us at In fact, if you buy the Prestashop Gift Card Manager from Knowband right now, you can grab it at a 20% discount. Moreover, with the coupon code HNY22, you can get an additional 22% discount on your order.

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