Opencart Loyalty Points Extension is beneficial for the merchant and customers

Knowband’s OpenCart Loyalty Points Extension permits eCommerce merchants to reward consumers with loyalty points for new registrations, initial orders, particular orders placed by customers, and other events. Customers who shop online can use these reward points to earn a voucher. Further, that they can use on their next purchase. In fact, using the OpenCart Loyalty Points module, the administrator can boost the conversion rate of the website. How? By awarding loyalty points to clients.

Why choose OpenCart loyalty discount coupons by Knowband?

Loyalty points encourage online shoppers to return to the site and place more orders. Customers will receive loyalty points based on the parameters provided by the online shop. The OpenCart Loyalty points and discount module feature allows online merchants to offer loyalty points at different times. This Reward points module is adaptable to mobile devices, flexible, and runs smoothly.

Creating a loyalty point program can be a complex effort; however, Knowband’s Loyalty points module for OpenCart will make this procedure much easier for you. This plugin allows the admin to specify several sorts of criteria. Moreover, if a client meets any of these criteria, the customer will be automatically rewarded. Further, the loyalty points that the admin has specified in the backend. This loyalty point extension will also keep track of the points that have been awarded.

In this blog, we will talk about the benefits of the OpenCart customer loyalty system. In fact, we will mention benefits for both customers and merchants.

Merits of the OpenCart customer loyalty system for the Merchant

  1. The Loyalty Points module allows the administrator to control whether or not reward points are granted.
  2. Using this Opencart store credit extension, the admin can establish various criteria from the backend. Further, to provide points to consumers based on cart value and product quantities.
  3. In this Opencart plugin, the admin can specify the points’ expiration date. In fact, doing this will help the customers speed up the buying process to redeem those points.
  4. Using the OpenCart purchase points plugin, the admin can send an email to customers. Further, once they receive loyalty points.
  5. The Opencart module gives the admin the ability to customize the email template. In fact, he can do it for various conditions.
  6. The admin can monitor the loyalty point balance and follow the history as well as the status from the backend.
  7. The admin can add loyalty points in bulk using CSV using this Opencart plugin.
  8. Using the Loyalty Points extension, the admin can boost client retention by awarding loyalty points for different acts such as new orders, initial orders, and signups.

Customer Advantages

  • Customers can earn rewards points by doing different actions on the website, such as ordering, signing up, or placing their first order.
  • Customers can utilize the points earned as a discount voucher on their next purchase with the Opencart Loyalty Point & Discount System plugin.
  • When a consumer purchases more things from the business, the Opencart Reward Point extension allows them to earn more reward points.
  • The consumer receives an email alert of the status of their reward points.


Thus, the OpenCart loyalty points extension by Knowband is a beneficial tool for both customers and merchants. Further, the extension by Knowband has numerous features as well. That you can check out on the Knowband store. Last, if you have anything specific to ask, do let us know at

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