Must-Have PrestaShop Mobile App Features

We might have a lot of questions in our mind such as Why we require a PrestaShop app builder for our online store? or In what areas they are useful? and many more. So, we are here to guide you to help you out with all your questions. One reason PrestaShop Mobile App Maker is getting famous is that it is easy to use, has a lot of features, and is very well-known in the eCommerce world. Technology is getting improved continuously and the number of customers using mobile phones is getting increased. Businesses need to understand why they need to use PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App. The PrestaShop Mobile App creator by Knowband consists of several features that can be helpful for your business in the longer run.

1. Spontaneous app interface –

The PrestaShop Android App Builder provides a great shopping app interface to the customers that are difficult to find somewhere else. Its front end-user interface is easy and quick to use and comes with an enhanced user experience. It allows the visitors to easily access the mobile app and be potential customers.

2. Push notifications –

The PrestaShop iOS App Maker is very useful and it is a quick way to tell their customers about new offers and discounts. Even if your customers are not using the app then also they will get the push notification and get aware of the latest deals. Push notification can be trouble for some people but most of the customers have shown a positive response towards it.

3. Real-Time synchronization.

The Mobile App for PrestaShop comes with a Real-Time synchronization feature by default. This feature helps to keep the mobile app and the website in synchronization, so they both work together. It shows any changes that have been made to categories, customer profiles, or the catalog in real-time.

4. Secure Payment and Shipping method –

Customers want to have a lot of payment and shipping options. So that they can choose the one that works best for them and check out without any problems. The PrestaShop Mobile App also consists of a lot of safe ways to pay for things online. It also consists of all the payment and shipping methods that are available on the eCommerce website. So your customer doesn’t leave the cart if they are not having their favorable payment and shipping methods.

5. The feedback option –

The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder also consists of feedback options that are a good place to leave your thoughts. Having a feedback option is a great way to get new ideas so that you can make big changes to your eCommerce website. Moreover, you can figure out in what areas you need to improve and what are the best parts of your PrestaShop Mobile App by reading the user’s review.

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