Make your customers loyal with the OpenCart Store Locator Module

Have you heard of the in-store pickup functionality before? Do you know what it actually means? Further, the in-store pickup functionality when you don’t deliver customer’s orders to their doorstep. In fact, you allow customers to pick it up from a nearby store. Thus, Knowband’s Opencart store locator module is a multi-functional plugin for you. Furthermore, it benefits both administrators and customers. How? The Opencart Google Maps Store Locator extension aids in the reduction of shipping costs on the shopkeeper’s end. Furthermore, the OpenCart store pickup plugin allows the consumer to avoid paying for delivery.

The Opencart store locator plugin is a stunning choice for your eCommerce business. Further, it also enables the administrator to display real store’s locations to the customers. Thus, they can choose from the options that he provides. As a result, they are free from paying the shipping fee for the merchandise. On the other hand, the business owner keeps shipping expenses low.

In this blog, we will take a look at the aspects or reasons that are worthy of making your customers loyal. Furthermore, using the OpenCart pick-up plugin. Let us now go further and check them out.

You need no coding specialization in setting up the module

Knowband’s OpenCart in-store pickup module is a modest yet useful plugin. In reality, it is a smooth, flawless alternative that will easily integrate into your store. Furthermore, it is simple to install. Furthermore, the administrator can customize it to meet the needs of the firm. In reality, there is no coding required to put it up. As a result, it is a simple plugin that requires no expertise.

OpenCart store pick up extension minimizes the administrative burden

We covered this topic briefly at the start of the blog. The OpenCart pick-up plugin allows administrators to display physical store locations on the front end. Furthermore, the facilities permit clients to physically go to a spot and pick up their purchases. Thus, from the administrator’s perspective, it is a success since he does not have to pay the shipping costs. As a result, the administrator’s workload is reduced.

Since the administrator can simply change the numerous parameters

The admin of the OpenCart store pick up extension can adjust many parameters via the admin interface. In fact, he can do everything, including adding, altering, or deleting existing physical shop locations, as well as adding store details. As a result, the Opencart store locator module has a plethora of parameters that the administrator can customize.

It effortlessly facilitates the customer’s pick-up

Customers like not having to pay for goods shipment. In fact, if they can simply walk a few minutes and pick up what they’ve ordered, there’s no damage done. As a result, shoppers appreciate the ability to pick up their items in a real store.


These are just a few of the reasons why the OpenCart Store Locator Module by Knowband is a must-have. Furthermore, it is really advantageous and full of functions that will benefit your eCommerce business. What do you think of this module? Let us know at

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