Krystal Was Offered A Role In More Than Family

During a recent interview, Krystal talked about her role as a pregnant woman in the movie ‘More Than Family’. What’s the Full Speech?
Recently, Krystal underwent a photo shoot as well as an interview with DAZED Korea magazine. On this occasion, he also discussed his debut film entitled “More Than Family”.

In this film, Krystal plays a student named To Il who becomes a private tutor for a high school student named Ho Hoon (Shin Jae Hwi). They end up dating and have a passionate relationship that makes To Il pregnant out of wedlock.

During the interview, the owner of the name Jung Soo Jung admitted that she was surprised when she was given the role of a pregnant woman. Nevertheless, he did not hesitate to star in it because this film has an interesting story.

Krystal said, “I think it was because there were a lot of people who were surprised. Like ‘I didn’t expect Jung Soo Jung to play a pregnant woman’. I was also surprised when I first received the script.”

However, as I read more of the script, all the things I had doubts about finally disappeared. I found the motivation to do it and thought, ‘If not now, I don’t know when an opportunity like this will come to me again,’ he continued.
When asked if this film became a special memory for him, Krystal gave a wise answer. He said, “All the acting projects I’ve done are a special memory for me. ‘More Than Family’ was a brave choice I made and it was a project that I had from start to finish.”

Krystal then revealed the pleasant atmosphere on set and revealed her close relationship with PD Choi Hana. “The atmosphere of filming is very fun and it also feels good to be able to do a scene in one shot,” he added.

He continued, “Above all, I have become friends with PD Choi Hana. Even now we often ask each other about, ‘What are you doing?'”

“We know each other thoroughly, as if we are old friends. I asked him to contact me first when he was preparing for his next project. He is really good at writing,” he concluded.
Meanwhile, Krystal is currently starring in the drama “Police University” with B1A4’s Jinyoung. This drama itself only leaves two final episodes and will end on October 5th.

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