How to Find the Best Blablacar Price? (Tricks, tips and features)

Introduction: What is Blablacar?

Blablacar is a carpooling company founded in France. Blablacar is like Uber but for carpooling. It’s a company that connects people who need to go long distances, but would rather use someone else’s car than get in their own.

For most of the Europeans, Blablacar has always been the first option for both commuting and traveling. This service has been around for over ten years now and is still growing. The app was founded in France in 2006 when the founders of the company were looking for a way to reduce their commute expenses.

Blablacar simplifies the process of finding a ride for those who are traveling alone or with someone else. Drivers can pick up people from their homes or from the office locations to help them reach their destination while passengers only need to enter their destination and they will be matched to the closest available driver with an available car.

Blablacar creates new opportunities for users to share cars as well as make money by renting out their old cars when they’re not using them.


How does Blablacar work?

Blablacar works the same way as other ride-sharing/carpooling applications. The driver posts an advertisement on the application, indicating the city and date of departure and destination. Usually, the cost of the ride doesn’t exceed the price you would normally pay for train/bus or any other transportation.

First, you need to download the app from the store and set up the profile. Then you should search for the trip you want to take. For ex: Madrid to Barcelona. If there are available rides, it will pop up on your interface. Once you decide on the best option, you should send a request to the driver, giving them a brief information where are you going and where will you meet them. After the request is sent, the driver has 24 hours to confirm or reject your request. After 24 hours the request will be cancelled on its own.

Pro tip for using the Blablacar is to look for the rides once the departure date is closer. This is because most of the users post their rides 2-3 days before the actual trip. So, looking for the rides weeks before your trip starts is a no brainer. It is important to know that as a non-EU citizen you will still need to have your passport/id, ETIAS Visa waiver and other necessary documents with you, especially if you are traveling from one country to another.


Is Blablacar Safe to use?

First thing first, Blablacar is very safe to use. In fact, every day hundreds of people in more than 20 countries use Blablacar and there haven’t been major safety-concern issue so far. By introducing Ratings System Blablacar ensured that every driver as well as travelers have the leverage to bring forward any issue they come across during the trip.

Besides, by allowing users to upload pictures and send direct messages to each other, Blablacar makes sure that every trip goes as smooth as possible. Moreover, riders can indicate the amount of “blah” to make it visible how chatty they are and how much they would love to engage in conversation with other people in the car.

Blablacar also prevents the users from phishing or any money-related scams. This is because travelers are able to pay through app directly, avoiding all the inconveniences that might be a result of cash payment. However, this option is available as well.



Our take on Blablacar is very positive. Blablacar is a great way to travel from one place to another in cheap and comfortable way. Imagine taking a ride in a Mercedes for 10euros, when another option is 15euros bus. Besides, it is very safe and Eco-friendly that makes the app very appealing for European and non-European travelers. These features and benefits are one of the main reasons why Blablacar remains to be the biggest carpooling service all around Europe since 2006.

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