How do customers benefit from the OpenCart Automatic Related Products Extension?

Do you offer your customers way with which they can shop better? Well, you can easily do that using the OpenCart automatic related products extension. Knowband’s OpenCart alike product module allows the admin to please the customers. How? Be exhibiting related products on the website’s front end. Furthermore, this way, the customers can keep browsing and also find relevant products at the same time.

Well, the OpenCart automatic related product extension is not only beneficial for the admins. It is quite a helpful tool for the customers as well. In this blog, we will take a look at the advantages of the OpenCart related products module for the customers. Let us take a look at them below.

Benefits of the extension for the Customers

  • Additional choices in products on the website

To start with, the first perk of the OpenCart similar products extension is that customers have additional choices. They can find relevant and related products on the various pages of the website. For instance, if they are looking at M.A.C lipsticks, they can find the bestsellers from the brand as suggestions. Therefore, the spectrum of choices increases tremendously. The admin can also choose to display new arrivals by the brand or other products that the brand caters to. Thus, the customer has varied choices to choose from.

  • The customers can access the products in their language

The OpenCart related products extension supports many languages. Hence, the customers can easily access the products and their information in the language that they understand. Moreover, they can seamlessly browse the webs store using the OpenCart alike product module.

Now, that you know how customers benefit from OpenCart’s advance-related product extension, let us look at the key benefits of the module. What do you say? Shall we look at them?

Integral features of the OpenCart product cross-selling module

  • The admin may use this extension to show similar products on different pages. The homepage, product pages, category pages, cart pages, and a variety of other pages are examples.
  • In the similar products area, the admin can only offer available products.
  • The admin can customize the heading of the block that appears on the front end in their preferred language.
  • This plugin lets admins choose their preferred technique for displaying items on the front end.
  • This plugin helps the administrator to place the section at the end of the page, in the Left Column, or the Right Column.
  • The maximum number of goods is customizable that is available on each page.

In the End

So, what do you think of the OpenCart automatic related products extension by Knowband? It is a win-win for customers and admins as well. It helps the admin cross-sell products on the website. In case you want to ask us anything about the plugin, let us know at

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