Give your sales a push with Prestashop Gift Card Manager

Knowband’s Prestashop gift card manager permits Prestashop storekeepers to give gift cards as indicated by their necessities. This Prestashop gift card is an incredible way to deal with and get more individuals to visit your eCommerce site. This Prestashop send gift card addon provides the client with the choice of buying the gift card electronically. Furthermore, sending them to all. For example, companions, family, and collaborators. Further, through email on a set day and spot. Prestashop gift module is makable on the off chance that a client wishes to print a gift card face to face.

The module has an element that permits store executives to produce a tweaked picture gift card. Truth be told, online shoppers can buy the Prestashop gift voucher module for explicit events. Along these lines, we will take a gander at the various advantages of the Prestashop gift card module in this blog.

Attributes of the Prestashop send gift card addon by Knowband

A savvy and fine User Interface

The Prestashop gift card Addon has a new look and feels to it. Along these lines, making it more interesting to end clients. The most recent emphasis of the module currently can add new things from the backend. Moreover, the altered designs from the front end too. It likewise further develops the client experience.

The Prestashop gift card manager is extremely gainful

Indeed, we unquestionably are discussing the advantages of the Prestashop gift card by Knowband. Assuming that you are somebody who considering season these advanced cards are well known, we have the response. The Prestashop send gift card addon by Knowband helps administrators produce expanded deals during the Christmas season the most. It is Christmas when it is awesome and the most practical. Further, on Christmas, everyone gifts something to their friends and family. Subsequently, this tackles the issue of searching for an optimal gift. Accordingly, bringing about expanded pay.

Prestashop Gift Module is an amazing method for making new clients

How can one form another client? Indeed, it is just when a client lands on another site searching for something explicit lastly gets it. For this situation, not all sites give gift cards, truth be told. In this manner, assuming you do, there are high possibilities of clients coming to your site. Subsequently, purchasing the gift card. Moreover, when a similar client gifts the advanced card to somebody, that individual likewise comes to your site and uses something very similar. This outcome in extra buys. Consequently, you get to have two new clients.

It builds the visibility of your eCommerce business

Practically nothing beats gift cards with regards to promoting your eCommerce organization. The Prestashop gift card manager is an awesome method for publicizing and advancing your business.

In the End

The Prestashop gift card Manager increments buyer joy by permitting them to give their loved ones a prepaid gift card. The module empowers clients to pick the best gift. Additionally, makes it more straightforward for them to buy from the business by permitting them to utilize gift cards for future exchanges. The Prestashop Gift Card Addon By Knowband is an astounding decision for your eCommerce business since it is one of the most notable brands on the lookout. Last, connect with us if you have any questions about the module at

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