5 Fantastic European Mountain Biking Destinations You Need to Visit

There are few better ways to see Europe than by mountain bike. You can cover more ground than on foot, and the scenery is unbeatable. Trust us, they’re worth the pedaling! Here are five of the best European mountain biking destinations you need to add to your list.

The Alps in Austria – for breathtaking scenery and challenging trails.

Come and experience why European mountain biking is considered among the world’s best! European mountain biking destinations don’t come much better than the Alps in Austria. Here, riders are presented with mesmerizing vistas, unrivaled European Alpine beauty, and an array of trails to suit both the beginner and the more experienced adrenaline junky. If you’re looking for something a little easier on the legs, cruise along some of the lower rolling hills meandering through lush green meadows and grazing cows. But if it’s an extreme thrill you’re after, test your grit on rocky ascents as high as 7255 feet while taking in nature’s stunning panoramic views from above.

The Dolomites in Italy – for a more relaxed mountain biking experience

Experience the European mountain biking scene with a more relaxed approach in the stunning Dolomites of Italy. From easy, casual trails to challenging descents and heart-pumping routes, this unique European mountain biking destination will captivate any adrenaline junkie. Of course, if you’re more a fan of taking it slow and savoring the scenic views, you’ll still be dazzled by the rolling green hills, picturesque rocky valleys, and beautiful wildflower meadows here in the Italian Alps. No matter what your style and flair, it’s hard to go wrong with a trip to explore the European mountain biking routes of the Dolomites!

The Pyrenees in France – for a mix of easy and challenging routes.

Featuring some of Europe’s most exciting European mountain biking destinations, the Pyrenees in France is the ideal spot for cycling. Set between Spain and France, the Pyrenees offers cyclists a diverse mix of easy and challenging routes to explore—from breathtaking alpine trails at high elevations to sprawling forest paths interspersed with peaks and valleys. In addition to testing your endurance, these routes also take you through France’s most stunning scenery, including plateaus boasting snowy mountains, rolling hills blanketed with blooming wildflowers, underground caves, and majestic cliffs. For any cycling enthusiast looking for an unforgettable European adventure, the Pyrenees won’t disappoint.

The Swiss Alps – for some of the most stunning views in all of Europe

Nestled high in the European Alps, a trip to Switzerland is an unforgettable experience. From breathtaking views of Lake Geneva to world-class European mountain biking destinations, Switzerland has everything for those seeking adventure and beauty. Whether you’re looking for an educational tour or an exhilarating expedition, the rugged terrain of the Alps provides a lifetime of exploration. This European nation offers incredible sights and unique experiences, from majestic mountains to picturesque pastures like nowhere else on earth. While you explore one of Europe’s most stunning landscapes, be sure to take in the panoramic vistas at every turn–the mighty Swiss Alps will captivate your soul!

Andorra – for an adventurous mountain biking vacation

For European mountain biking aficionados seeking the ultimate thrill, Andorra is an unmissable stop. As one of the European continent’s best destinations for adventure cycling, this small country offers breathtaking scenery and a wide range of trails to suit all experience levels. With its wild ridges, rolling meadows, and crisp alpine air, Andorra demands exploration; its ever-changing terrain gives even experienced riders something new and exciting to discover every day. At the end of each ride, bikers can cool off with a dip in sparkling emerald lakes or relax in the thermal baths scattered throughout the region for a well-deserved break before taking on their next challenge. Whether you’re planning a weekend excursion or an extended vacation, Andorra is, without a doubt, one of Europe’s must-visit mountain biking destinations.



Europe offers some of the best mountain biking in the world, with scenic routes and challenging trails to explore. If you’re looking for a mountain biking vacation, check out these five destinations: the Alps in Austria, the Dolomites in Italy, the Pyrenees in France, the Swiss Alps, and Andorra. All these locations will offer you an unforgettable experience – with the ETIAS visa waiver in 2023, it’s easier than ever to visit them!


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